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This is summary of new articles, posts and pages added in 2017 and some in 2016.


The Gartley Pattern

Forex Trading with the Gartley Pattern

When you take part in foreign exchange currencies trading, your primary aim is to achieve a profit, based on differing currency values on various markets. To that end, you need to know what to buy and when to buy. One way to accomplish this is to utilize trading charts as part of your forex trading strategy, such as the Gartley Pattern and its mutants patterns.

Hire Business Plan Consultant

When to Hire a Business Plan Consultant

If you are an aspiring business owner, you will know how crucial is a solid business plan for your new company's success. You will also know how tough it can be to develop a good business plan when launching a new business venture. This is where hiring an experienced business consultant can be very helpful.

Return on Investment

Low Risk High Return Investments

Is it possible to find such investments? No doubt that well informed and seasonal investors have achieved such desired outcomes from time to time. But instead of relying on luck or chances, smart investors will take a long-term view and work on lessening the risks, while striving for better returns. The key is to find the right investments with growth potential.


Return on Your Property Investment

Many smart investors consider buying property to be a smart investment. But this is not for novices and you need to be property savvy before you start putting your money into real estate. There are many considerations to be taken into account before you make any purchases. Take a look at three possible ways to make money on your property investment.

Business Financing Sources

Best Sources of Business Financing

When you have a great business idea and create a business plan for your proposed venture, one of the first things you need to do is find a source that will finance your new business venture. There are variety of money sources that you can tap into. We provide you with a list of the top ten sources for business financing.

Bankruptcy as a Solution

Using Bankruptcy as a Solution

Even with the best of intentions, we are sometime faced with difficult financial situations that can cause considerable stress and problems in our lives. In those situations we tend to look at fast and efficient ways to get out of bad financial difficulties. One of the smart options for your financial woes could be the bankruptcy solution.

Manage Business While Traveling

Manage Your Business While Traveling

When you travel, managing your business can be a source of anxiety and a cause for worry. But that need not be. Modern technology makes possible to manage your business when on the road, with some good and careful planning. You might find yourself being even more productive while doing your travel.

Business Cloud Software

Business Cloud Software Services

Thanks to the invention of cloud networking, individuals can now start a small business from the comfort of their own home, reducing the need to hire an accountant or advisor. Business cloud online services can now help small business owners handle their accounting quikcly and easily, including tax and payroll requirements.

Learn About Finances Online

Where to Learn about Finances Online

Sound financial management can have a crucial impact on one's life. It can help individuals learn about money management and budget planning, how to make money grow, and even start investing. There are many useful and reputable online resources to help one learn about finances.

Wine as Loan Collateral

Using Wine as Loan Collateral

This risky investment is one of the most appreciated investments with the global wine demand on a constant rise. It's therefore not surprising that some US financial institutions now accept fine wine as a loan collateral. It's a risky proposition, but a good quality wine can grant you that much wanted financial loan.

Protecting Investmens in Bankruptcy

Protecting Investments During Bankruptcy

If you have various investments, bankruptcy process can be even more stressful as you strive to protect your assets during that time. The first step is of course to seek professional advice. But there are also other steps that can be taken to protect your investments and keep your assets intact, even during bankruptcy time.

Investing in Debt Relief

Investing in Debt Relief

There are multiple ways to invest, one of them being in debt funds. Get some professional guidance and advice if you are looking to invest in debt relief, considered to be one of more stable investments. But understand that no investment is imune to losses. Do not invest the money that you cannot afford to lose.

Investing Your Money

The Basics of Investing Your Money

Putting your money into investments could be a great way to build a better financial future for yourself. But it's also a very risky venture that can lead you into financial ruin. Before you attempt to make any investments, you should know and understand the basics of investing and learn some fundamental concepts of the sound money management.

Offshore Outsourcing Tips

Six Offshore Outsourcing Tips

If you are a startup founder and want to access cheap engineering services for an early stage idea, then offshore programming could be the right solution for you. But you need to be aware of outsourcing pitfalls and get some tips on how to improve the success rate of your offshore projects. Here are six ways to improve your offshore outsourcing.

Investing in Wines

The Business of Investing in Wines

Like any investment, wine investment involves substantial risks and no guarantees. Well-informed investors, though, find investing in wines an attractive option, especially as they follow the reviews from the well-known wine experts. However, wine investments are not meant for the faint of heart and investors with limited amounts of money.

Picking Forex Software

Pick the Right Forex Trading Software

One of the keys to successful forex trading is picking the right forex trading software. We give you six essential tips on how to pick the right trading platform, that's easy to use, offers training and support, and provides you with real time trading quotes. One of the fundamentals in forex trading is to start with a trial account.

Dubai Offshore Banking

Doing Offshore Banking in Dubai

Known as being one of the latest playgrounds for the rich and famous, the city of Dubai has also established itself as a serious offshore banking and financial centre, catering to high net worth individuals. Dubai's strategic position between Europe and the Far East provides it with a winning combination of an offshore business centre.

Offshore Banking Countries

Best Offshore Banking Countries

There are many known and less known friendly countries and jurisdictions that offer top offshore banking services. Discover the pros and cons in doing banking in these countries, to ensure better protection for your investments, assets, your privacy and your family. Many things have changed since the early days of offshore banking, but it's still a very smart and useful option.

Forex Trading Explained

Forex Trading Explained in Lay Man Terms

The business of foreign currency exchange is a serious money business, full of technical jargon and complexities. But anyone can understand the basics of Forex in simple layman terms, which is a decentralized form of trading in currencies. In layman's terms, it is exchanging one currency for another, in order to generate a profitable return.

Investor Protection for Expats

Investor Protection for Expats

Before you move overseas you have to look at the levels of investor protection and compensation available in your new country. You need to assess the level of protection for expat investors in the new country, how they deal with financial companies, and most importantly, how to complain should the things go wrong.

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