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Smart Real Estate Investments

Smart Real Estate Investments

As one of the most valuable and essential assets, real estate and property have always been in demand. It only makes a perfect sense that real estate is also a surefire way to financial freedom. While it's assumed that this means buying a property, there are ways to invest in real estate without actually buying a property.

Wine Trading Business

Wine Trading Business

Even at best of times, stock markets can be volatile. In order to reduce their financial risk and diversify, many investors have been turning to investing and trading in fine wines. This appeals to small investors and fine wine enthusiasts, because it can be started with a small investment of money, while you have fun deciding on wines to keep and sell.

Overseas Family Investments

Overseas Family Investments

Going offshore to invest for your family could be an overwhelming and costly experience, if you rush into it without proper planning. But if you approach it smartly, it can be a truly rewarding way to develop your business acumen and build a business empire, for the benefit of your family. One of the smartest overseas family investment is real estate and properties.

Basics of Business Branding

Basics of Business Branding

In order to succeed as a business, you need to stand out from your competitors. You need to build your brand, to cultivate recognition and build loyalty with your customers. There is more to it than your business logo or design. In this article we discuss the basics of business branding and how to make your brand unique and successful.

Forex Fundamental News

Forex Fundamental News

Before one starts trading in forex on any one day, there has to be an analysis done on the day's business and financial events and happenings. The focus is on: nonfarm payroll data, jobs data, and employment and unemployment figures. These should be part of the fundamental analysis, to see which way the markets are likely to go.

Day Trading vs Swing Trading

Day Trading vs Swing Trading

Different traders will have different approaches to trading forex. Some can afford to spend more time engaged in the activity, others can do it only part-time. Day traders are usually more energetic and trade more frequently, looking for small gains. Swing traders spread their trading activity over days and even weeks, before they try to collect their gains.

Stress Factors of Expatriates

Stress Factors of Expatriates

When you decide upon moving to a new country, whether for personal or business reasons, it can be a new and exciting adventure. The human body being the way it is, will react with some stress to the new changes. You must allow for some time to adjust to your new country, while you follow some tips to make adapting to your new surroundings a bit easier.

Non-Dom Reforms for British Expats

Non-Dom Reforms for British Expats

The government changes laws to suit their perceived priorities, which is especially true when it comes to bringing more of its citizens' earnings under its tax umbrella. This is now the case with the British government, looking to stop money flowing out of the UK, following Brexit. New 'non-dom' tax reform could make tax status changes for British expats.

Stochastic Oscillator in Forex

Stochastic Oscillator in Forex Trading

The Stochastic Oscillator was developed in the late 1950s by George C. Lane. It's a technical momentum indicator, which compares a security's closing price with its range over a given time period. This trading method attempts to predict price turning points, by seeing the momentum changes before they affect the price.

Investment Trends to Watch

Investment Trends to Watch in 2017

Unless you have been living on a different planet, you're well aware of the increasingly volatile economic and geopolitical situation in the world. Indeed, there seems to be a crazy amount of turbulence these days, whichever way you turn. For a new investor, these are testing times that could get even more so. Here are some investment trends to watch in 2017.

STP ECN Trading Model

STP/ECN Trading Model

Over the past 6-7 years, there has been a quiet revolution in the trading world. For those who are new, it might have passed unnoticed and simply accepted as the new norm. But to more experienced traders, introduction of the STP/ECN trading model has been nothing short of miraculous. This new model of trading has been now accepted as the standard of excellence.

Basic Tools for Trading

Basic Tools for Trading

In their impatient rush to start trading, forex traders often ignore various tools and widgets that can provide them with potential trading benefits and minimize the risks involved. There are many reasons for this, including belief that these tools are irrelevant and overconfidence in one's own knowledge of finances, which can make different between success and failure.

Divorce and Finances Abroad

Divorce and Finances Abroad

The divorce rate today is closer to one third of marriages falling apart, as opposed to the infamous one half of the recent past. One of the reasons for that is that people get married later, finding more suitable partners. When it comes to divorce, different rules apply in different countries. Here's a look at some the best known countries and their divorce rules.

Best Forex Books for Beginners

Best Forex Books for Beginners

If you are a newbie to forex trading, you will need to acquire the much needed knowledge about forex, before you put your real money on the line. If you are to succeed at trading currencies, you need to learn from those in the know. In amongst an array of forex literature for beginners, we have selected three of the best forex books worth reading.

Technology and Real Estate

Technology and Real Estate

Nearly everything we do has been affected by new technology. The growth of information technology in particular has changed the way we interact with several markets. This is the case with the international real estate markets, too. Any real estate investor can now access global real estate market and create his own property network

Hottest Real Estate Markets

Hottest Real Estate Markets

Unless you are really, really unfortunate, investing in property is always a good idea. Short of your chosen location being demolished by some man-made or natural calamity, it is usually hard to lose huge on property. Accordingly, there's always a good possibility that your property will increase in value and bring you a good profit.

Binary Options Straddle

Binary Options Straddle Strategy

If you are considering alternatives to traditional stock trading, one of the options would bebinary options trading. This allows you to place multiple bets on a variety of assets. There are different strategies used in binary options, one of which is straddle strategy. This involves placing a call and put on the same asset.

Price of Crude Oil and Stock Market

Price of Crude Oil and Stock Market

The price for a barrel of crude oil has been falling down and it's possible that it still hasn't bottomed. This is of course affecting oil companies and the industries associated with them. But the effect has also been felt across the global economy. We try and give an analysis of what these historically low prices mean for the stock market in general.

Investing in Penny Stocks

Investing in Penny Stocks

If you are an investor or even a would-be investor, you would have heard of penny stocks. Depending on what you might have read about them, you could be more or less interested in penny stock market. Today you can learn some facts about penny stocks and determine if this is a type of investment you'd like to pursue or not.

Forex Trading Platforms

Forex Trading Platforms

When you have a sufficient level of funds to invest in forex, the first thing you do is register for a trading account. Based on your acquired knowledge and understanding of the market, you can start establishing short and/or long positions to start betting on what you consider would be profitable orders. Use top trading platforms, which will play an important role in your trading.

Support and Resistance Forex

Support and Resistance Forex

Understanding support and resistance price levels in forex trading is not that complicated, even for the beginner traders. Trading charts show how price moves up and down between certain boundaries, called "support and resistance levels". When one draws horizontal lines on the highest and lowest prices, support and resistance zones are created.

Automated Trading System

Automated Trading System

Forex expert advisor programs belong to the category of automated trading systems, used in foreign exchange trading. They have been the subject of much hype among forex traders. These systems, if you believe the claims, can literally do your trading while you sleep. Discover benefits of these trading systems and decide for yourself if they live up to the claims.

The 38.2 Retracement Level

The 38.2% Retracement Level

If you are a forex trader you know that there are many theories based on Fibonacci retracement levels. Each theory used a different retracement level, it's hard to figure out which is the most important one. Most will agree that 61.8% is the most important one, based on Elliott Waves. But don't overlook the importance of the 38.2% retracement level.

Retracement Levels

Understanding Retracement Levels

Trading analysis of the market is one of the essentials when you are doing forex trading. Your trading analysis won't be complete without taking into account both price and time factors. To that end, retracement method isused in flats or horizontal lines to indicate areas of support or resistance to help you know when to enter a currency trade.

Forex Trading Beginner Tips

Forex Trading Tips for Beginners

Forex trading is great for beginners as well as for advanced traders. You don't have to spend huge amounts to start trading. Often as little as $100 will get you started. This is a good way to begin, as it reduces your exposure in case of immediate losses. Some forex brokers even offer no deposit accounts, if you sign up for a lifetime trading account.

Forex Trading Account

Forex Trading Account Basics

Your typical forex trading account offered by brokers is inclusive of some basic features, which can vary from brokers to broker. But in order to take advantage of the account's standard and special capabilities, you need to understand its different components. This will raise your confidence and help you maximize trades profitability.

Binary Options Strategies

Binary Options Strategies

One of market trading fundamentals is knowing and understanding trading market movements and their range. Traders use different tools and platforms to determine this. One of those is binary options strategy, which involves two complimentary platforms: the Moving Average Convergence / Divergence (MACD) indicator and the Bollinger Bands chart.

Investing in Wine Australia

Investing in Wine in Australia

Investing in wines is an alternative type of investment, which has become popular over the last couple of decades. Like any of similar investment, it's not without risks. But if you do your due dilligence earnestly and start to understand this market, you might find it lucrative. One of the excellent wine business investment opportunities can be found in Australian wine industry.

Collectibles Worth Investing In

Collectibles Worth Investing In

With new technologies continually updating our everyday products, old products are becoming obsolete and harder to find. This opens up new opportunities for collectors and investors, looking to benefit from the increasing rarity of old items. There are many collectable items that become great collections and even an excellent value as a long-term investment.

Most Profitable Forex Indicator

The Most Profitable Forex Indicator

If you are a forex trader, one of your most reliable market indicators is a good nalysis tool. The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo is an analysis tool that will help you get an immediate view of what price momentum, strength and trend sentiment are in the market at the present time. It's considered one of the most profitable indicators.

New Orleans 2015

New Orleans 2015 Investment Conference

One of the greatest investment conferences in a long time will be held on October 20-31, 2015. It will features some of the world's top analysts, investors, financial experts and maverick investors, including the likes of Mark Steyn, James Rickards, Doug Casey, and dozens more of the most recognized and successful investors.

Casey Summit 2015

The Casey Summit 2015

If you are familiar with Douglas Casey, one of the world's foremost investment advisors and libertarian writers, then this is the event for you. To be held on the October 16th and 17th in Tucson, Arizona, this summit will feature some of the world's best and most successful investors as the speakers.

Elder's Force Index Strategy

Elders Force Index Strategy

The Elder's Force Index Trading Strategy is one of those approaches that is highly appreciated by forex traders. There are many aspects to this useful trading and analysis tool, but this strategy is especially known for its money management rule. It encourages traders to mintor the amount of money put into trading, where it goes and what it does.

Solve Cash Flow Problems

Solve Your Cash Flow Problems

Everyone can go through tough times and experience decreased cash problems, irrespective of one's financial status. This an bring about financial hardship and create an urgency to rectify the situation by seeking ways to escape cash problems. The key is knowing what to do and how to do it, to overcome the shortfalls. Here are some ideas to solve your cash problems.

Safe Haven Currencies

Safe Haven Currencies

If you are a beginner in the foreign exchange market, investing in hard currencies or safe haven currencies is a smart move. These currencies are known for their stability as they come from large countries with stable economies that are more resistant to sudden market moves. As a newbie to the forex, you want to start with safer bets, to avoid being discouraged.

The Camarilla Equation

The Camarilla Equation

Developed in 1989 by a bond trader Nick Stott, the Camarilla Equation is regarded as the magic formula for successful day trades. Known as the SureFireThing Camarilla Equation, it helps better predict potential trades using past market volatility. Learn about the equation's history and stuff that every intermediate trader should know.

Blade Runner Trading Strategy

The Blade Runner Trading Strategy

One of the most reliable techniques for spotting the best entry points in a trade is the Blade Runner Trading Strategy. A variation of the original Bladerunner concept, this is one of the simplest strategies that can be used on every trading platform. There are eight things to remember when using this strading strategy.

Successful Trader Traits

Traits of Successful Forex Traders

As with any business and marketing, one of the fundamental traits of any successful trader is confidence. Win or lose, you need to hold your head up and keep going. Naturally, it takes smart money management and learning from your mistakes, to start developing consistent results and traits that will make you a successful trader.

The Gartley Pattern

Forex Trading with the Gartley Pattern

When you take part in foreign exchange currencies trading, your primary aim is to achieve a profit, based on differing currency values on various markets. To that end, you need to know what to buy and when to buy. One way to accomplish this is to utilize trading charts as part of your forex trading strategy, such as the Gartley Pattern and its mutants patterns.

Hire Business Plan Consultant

When to Hire a Business Plan Consultant

If you are an aspiring business owner, you will know how crucial is a solid business plan for your new company's success. You will also know how tough it can be to develop a good business plan when launching a new business venture. This is where hiring an experienced business consultant can be very helpful.

Return on Investment

Low Risk High Return Investments

Is it possible to find such investments? No doubt that well informed and seasonal investors have achieved such desired outcomes from time to time. But instead of relying on luck or chances, smart investors will take a long-term view and work on lessening the risks, while striving for better returns. The key is to find the right investments with growth potential.


Return on Your Property Investment

Many smart investors consider buying property to be a smart investment. But this is not for novices and you need to be property savvy before you start putting your money into real estate. There are many considerations to be taken into account before you make any purchases. Take a look at three possible ways to make money on your property investment.

Business Financing Sources

Best Sources of Business Financing

When you have a great business idea and create a business plan for your proposed venture, one of the first things you need to do is find a source that will finance your new business venture. There are variety of money sources that you can tap into. We provide you with a list of the top ten sources for business financing.

Bankruptcy as a Solution

Using Bankruptcy as a Solution

Even with the best of intentions, we are sometime faced with difficult financial situations that can cause considerable stress and problems in our lives. In those situations we tend to look at fast and efficient ways to get out of bad financial difficulties. One of the smart options for your financial woes could be the bankruptcy solution.

Manage Business While Traveling

Manage Your Business While Traveling

When you travel, managing your business can be a source of anxiety and a cause for worry. But that need not be. Modern technology makes possible to manage your business when on the road, with some good and careful planning. You might find yourself being even more productive while doing your travel.

Business Cloud Software

Business Cloud Software Services

Thanks to the invention of cloud networking, individuals can now start a small business from the comfort of their own home, reducing the need to hire an accountant or advisor. Business cloud online services can now help small business owners handle their accounting quikcly and easily, including tax and payroll requirements.

Learn About Finances Online

Where to Learn about Finances Online

Sound financial management can have a crucial impact on one's life. It can help individuals learn about money management and budget planning, how to make money grow, and even start investing. There are many useful and reputable online resources to help one learn about finances.

Wine as Loan Collateral

Using Wine as Loan Collateral

This risky investment is one of the most appreciated investments with the global wine demand on a constant rise. It's therefore not surprising that some US financial institutions now accept fine wine as a loan collateral. It's a risky proposition, but a good quality wine can grant you that much wanted financial loan.

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