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From time to time new articles are being added to Privacy Secrets site, as well as page changes being made. Below is the list of the more recently added new articles, starting from the newest article on the top. The most recent articles added to this site are noted at the bottom of the home page.


Innovative Form of Gold Currency

Innovative Form of Gold Currency

With central banks' fiat money printing presses working overtime, to destroy whatever little of paper currencies' value is left, it's no wonder that gold is again taking a centre stage and becoming appealing as a safe store of hard currency. One of banks has started issuing small gold bars, sealed in a plastic card, with some modern technological features for authenticity.

Offshore Symposium 2021

Offshore Symposium 2021

The offshore seminars used to be held in different world cities, in order to feature different locations for their offshore and expat credentials. But in keeping up with times and available technology, these seminars are now held online. You still get the high quality, expert advice, all coming to you in the comfort of your own home - May 25-27, 2021.

COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis

It's become a year to remember and not for good reasons. As the whole world gets affected by this pandemic, it's becoming more of another financial crisis. The health issues will be eventually solved, what with vaccines and medical cure, but more so with human immunity. However, the real problem will be the aftermath in terms of social and financial problems.

Living Abroad as an Expatriate with Family in Tow

Living as an Expatriate with Family in Tow

There are many reasons why people decide to move on and live abroad as expatriates, with or without their family. It's not an easy decision to make even for yourself, let alone for your family. But sometime you either have an exciting opportunity or are faced to make the choice. Either way, get some useful tips to amke transition to a new life easier for your family.

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...(T)he modern world, with its rampant materialist consumerism, dogmatic atheism and self-hating education system, is perhaps manufacturing a new human psyche, one both frail and fraught and in its own perverse way, merciless.

Brett Sinclair, an author, artist and historian from Canada -