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Underground Knowledge #3

Secrets of Wealth, Privacy, and Offshore Investing

Undeground Knowledge 3

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Offshore Secrets

This third in the series of Underground Knowledge books features:

  • The Ultimate Strategy for Banking In Silence  
  • How to Disappear…. And Never Be Found!  
  • How to fly just about anywhere in the world for around 15% of the regular fare with top class airlines to…and where top get the tickets from.  
  • The ultimate real estate source. Where you can buy great properties around the world for under $50,000.  
  • The best Offshore Investment Broker! This broker can assist you to invest in over 1,000 offshore funds easily.  
  • Carnivore, Echelon and other snoop programs…How to ensure you don’t fall victim.  
  • Asset Protection - The Perfect Strategy!  
  • The 8 Golden Rules of Anonymous Offshore Banking  
  • Investing in Portfolio Bonds – A Great Idea and not commonly known  
  • The Best European Banking Options and Secrets  
  • The Hidden Desire of All Investors…. And it’s not what you think  
  • Tax Secrets that are totally legal …. these will amaze you, and your accountant!  
  • Get Returns on Your Investments just like the banks do  
  • The Absolute 8 Secrets of Great Wealth... every millionaire has used these strategies  
  • Corporate Pirates…. How to Spot them and How to Avoid them.  
  • New Anti-Terrorist Laws will give you some grief …. What you can do about them  
  • Warren Buffett, Super Genius?.... No, just "super logical". We examine the logic and common sense that made this man the richest investor in history and how his simple rules can be followed so easily.  

Plus lots of other Information on Privacy and Investing, all available in Underground Knowledge 3 book.

Underground Knowledge books

  • Underground Knowledge 1 - How to improve your privacy and increase your wealth with the right strategies.  
  • Underground Knowledge 2 - Discover more secret strategies on wealth, privacy, finances and investments. 
  • Underground Knowledge 4 - Comprehensive information on privacy, surveillance, residence, markets and retirement.  
  • Scams and Fraud - Reveals how different scams work and even exposes financial crimes and fraudsters. 


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The health, safety and prosperity of the citizenry should be placed above identity politics, the toxicity of an entitled cancel culture and mob rule by social media.

...Covid-19 has illustrated how (global) interdependence can cost lives...

---Michael Feierstein
Investor, banker, and author of "Planet Ponzi")