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Underground Knowledge #1

Secret Strategies on Wealth & Privacy for a Life of Freedom

Undeground Knowledge

This is a book that provides valuable and hard to find information - information that your government would prefer you didn’t know. In Underground Knowledge, you will find forbidden information on privacy, money, freedom, technology, special places where freedom is assured, private banking and investing, "Big Brother" tactics and how to beat them, offshore companies and most importantly, liberty and wealth.

Underground Knowledge provides you with information normally reserved for the rich and powerful. Those people in our society that can afford inordinate amounts of money to make more, and secure their privacy. The book provides the reader with practical ways to improve their lives financially and assists the reader to regain their sovereign individual rights. A very unusual and enlightening book!

Underground Knowledge, Hidden Offshore and Privacy Secrets, features:

  • Privacy secrets 
  • Security information 
  • Special Destinations 
  • Technology, Privacy Strategies and Tricks of the Trade 
  • Money Making Ideas 
  • Government Surveillance and how to beat it. 

Plus many more great ideas, concepts and methods to improve your privacy and increase your wealth. You will find it all in Underground Knowledge book.

Reader Responses:

"I enjoy reading all your books but my favourite was Underground Knowledge" – MR.

"I finished your book (Underground Knowledge) last night and it taught me so much. I can’t thank you enough for putting this together – it is going to change my life." – JP.

Underground Knowledge books

  • Underground Knowledge 2 - Discover more secret strategies on wealth, privacy, finances and investments. 
  • Underground Knowledge 3 - More offshore banking and investments, wealth and privacy secrets revealed to you. 
  • Underground Knowledge 4 - Comprehensive information on privacy, surveillance, residence, markets and retirement. 
  • Scams and Fraud - Reveals how different scams work and even exposes financial crimes and fraudsters. 

"Money is not an invention of the State. It is not the product of a legislative act. Even the sanction of political authority is not necessary for its existence. Certain commodities came to be money quite naturally, as the result of economic relationships that were independent of the power of the State."

Carl Menger - the founder of the Austrian school of economics