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Scams and Fraud

Financial Crimes Exposed

Scams and Frauds book

Scams and Frauds
by Lance Spicer
$69.99 - $798

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Could you be ripped off in some "legitimate sounding" investment? Have you already been ripped off and don’t know it? This book may shock you - it may anger you - but it will give you the Truth....

If you can handle the Truth! There are literally thousands of scams operating today and the problem is identifying them - Scams and Fraud book will show you how.

The first book of its kind in the world - We name names of people still operating scams!

Scams and Frauds book features

Bank debenture trading programs and other so called High Yield Investment Programs, are all covered in Scams and Fraud:

  • How they work, their history and why you will lose your money!  
  • Sham Investment & Savings Clubs  
  • Cold Callers and shonky brokers  
  • Pyramid Schemes  
  • MLM Shams  
  • Ponzi Schemes - Gold Bullion and Mine scams  
  • A List of the Biggest, Boldest and most well known scams around today that have ripped off thousands, they just don’t know it... Yet!  
  • Banks that actually steal your money  
  • Why a Bank Guarantee is no Guarantee!  
  • Nigerian Letters  
  • Lottery and "give away" scams  
  • Offshore Investment scams  
  • Fake Credit Cards  
  • Stock market bubbles and how scamsters use them to take your money  
  • Poor advice that leaves you...poor  
  • Affinity fraud  
  • Self Liquidating Loans  
  • The truth about Pure Trusts  
  • Internet Scams and Fraud  
  • How to avoid being taken and what to do if you have.  

Plus much more financial crimes information in Scams and Fraud. Available to buy online here.

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