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Underground Knowledge

Wealth and Privacy books

In the Underground Knowledge series of books you will find many secret strategies on wealth and privacy, all created to set you for a life of freedom.

These books cover the subjects of:

  • privacy strategies  
  • surveillance and snoop programs  
  • second citzenships and passports  
  • anonymous banking  
  • safeguarding your assets  
  • offshore investments  
  • currencies  
  • and much more... 

Underground Knowledge books

You will find here 4 books from the Underground Knowledge series, as well as Scams and Frauds book. Currently only Underground Knowledge 4 book is available to purchase here, as well as Scams and Fraud.

Lance Spicer's Underground Knowledge books

Underground Knowledge

Underground Knowledge book
Hidden Offshore
& Privacy Secrets

Underground Knowledge 2

Underground Knowledge book 2
Things You
Didn't Know

Underground Knowledge 3

Underground Knowledge book 3
Wealth, Privacy & Offshore Investing

Underground Knowledge 4

Underground Knowledge book 4
Secret Strategies 4 Wealth & Privacy

Scams and Frauds

Scams and Frauds book
Financial Crime Exposed


...Each nation state needs to rethink and recategorize its priorities...

The health, safety and prosperity of the citizenry should be placed above identity politics, the toxicity of an entitled cancel culture and mob rule by social media.

...Covid-19 has illustrated how (global) interdependence can cost lives...

---Michael Feierstein
Investor, banker, and author of "Planet Ponzi")