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  • Offshore banking, privacy and investment secrets' books and reports. Bye Bye Big Brother manual, International Wealth Library, and Underground Knowledge books provide valuable tips and insights about offshore business and investment secrets. Learn how to protect your wealth and assets, while preserving your privacy, with our offshore guides and PT books.
  • The original Bye Bye Big Brother black books can be purchased online as a hard-cover set, along with four updates by Grandpa, available as free bonus with the purchase.
  • Bye Bye Big Brother manual provides offshore asset protection, international business and privacy secrets information and strategies.
  • Download free sample chapter from the abridged version of Bye Bye Big Brother book.
  • The basic investing tips and the three fundamentals of investing. Learn more about many investment options available on the markets.
  • Contrary to popular belief, offshore banking is not illegal. Find out what are the best countries for offshore banking services.
  • The BBBB abridged book is a single volume abridged edition of the Bye Bye Big Brother manual.
  • The Gold Report e-book shows you how to buy, sell and store gold bullion overseas.
  • Offshore Banking Guide provides practical advice on protecting your assets offshore.
  • The Offshore Road To Riches is your personal guide on how to succeed in your offshore business.
  • The follow up on W.G. Hill's original work PT The Perpetual Traveler, PT2 The Practice is the ultimate guide to privacy tactics.
  • The International Express Divorce Kit will help you get a quick divorce offshore, saving you time and money.
  • The Invisible World book about financial freedom and privacy offers information on offshore tax, investment and citizenship strategies.
  • Invisible Banking book provides secret banking strategies for offshore banking and investing with total privacy.
  • If you're serious about making money, High Yield Investment book will give you details of over 60 of the best investments in the world.
  • The second book in the invesment books series, High Yield Investments 2, provides more information on the best investments in the world.
  • Yet another great book by Lance Spicer, Future Wealth, shows you in which companies to invest, to take advantage of the technological changes happening now.
  • If you are concerned about money, the economy and your family's financial security, then Financial Crisis book is a must read for you.
  • Lance Spicer's The Offshore Investment Guide provides comprehensive guidelines to the how-to of offshore investment, including questions and answers.
  • Money and investing articles provide interesting insights into what was happening back in 2008 and 2009, following the outbreak of most recent economic crisis. How governments and big companies went about "wheeling and dealing", trying to cover their financial losses.
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The health, safety and prosperity of the citizenry should be placed above identity politics, the toxicity of an entitled cancel culture and mob rule by social media.

...Covid-19 has illustrated how (global) interdependence can cost lives...

---Michael Feierstein
Investor, banker, and author of "Planet Ponzi")