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Offshore Seminars

Offshore Planning Seminars and Investment Conferences

If you are concerned with and want to learn more about offshore planning, private banking, international wealth, smart investments and much more, you will find these offshore seminars and investments conferences just what you need. These events are usually attended by like-minded people, businessmen and investors, featuring top-line speakers and experts, who provide useful information from their own experiences and expertise. The upcoming and the most recent events start from the top of this list.

  Offshore Seminars and Investment Conferences
Offshore Symposium 2021

Offshore Symposium 2021

The Offshore Circuit seminars have now moved online, where you can learn all that you need about creating wealth globally and protecting it, from the comfort of your own home. This Offshore Symposium is being organized by Escape Artist, featuring well-respected offshore experts, which will include 21 presentations on expat, crypto, investment and finances themes.

New Orleans 2015

New Orleans Investment Conference

Learn from the world's best and foremost investment analysts, investors and financial experts on how to invest and build your wealth during uncertain times. It's one of the most important gatherings that attracts dozens of top speakers and investment specialists. This special event will be held on October 28-31, in 2015. Register online or over the phone.

Casey Summit 2015

Casey Summit 2015

To be held on the October 16th and 17th, in wonderful Tucson, Arizona, Casey Research Summit is an investment conference, featuring some of the world's best and most successful investors. The event is organized by the famous investor and writer, Doug Casey, that has attracted over 30 world class speakers and investors.

Antigua Conference

Antigua Conference 2013

The Q Wealth Offshore Conference is being held on May 9-12, 2013. This is the first Q Wealth conference in 2013, which will be held at beautiful Jolly Resort in Antigua. This 4-day event will be filled with a wealth of information and opportunities, good meals, and time for networking and enjoying the beautiful Caribbean scenery. RSVP now for your private invite.

Recipes for Success

Recipes for Success 2008

This Recipes for Success seminar is held in Panama City, from November 9-14, 2008. The seminar has been designed to help you achieve 3 goals: generating, preserving, and growing one's wealth. This five-day offshore planning seminar also extensively covered the subject of protecting one's wealth using offshore and international business structures.

Cancun Seminar

Cancun Seminar 2008

The Recipes for Success seminar is held in Cancun, May 5-9, 2008. The beautiful Mexican Riviera provided a great setting for this wealth seminar, covering the subjects of international living, investment banking, wealth creation, and asset protection. This was a private gathering at a luxury boutique hotel was a rare and important international business seminar.

Panama Seminar

Panama Seminar 2008

The Secrets of the Super Rich seminar held in Panama City, from January 27th - February 1st, 2008. This full five-day event featured expert speakers Martin Welch, Richard Cawte, and Peter Macfarlane. They covered the subjects of going offshore, money making strategies of the super rich, and secure communications and real estate riches.

Upcoming seminars and conferences

Most of the above seminars and conference events have already happened. But new events are in planning every year. Contact us if you wish to receive free information and updates about these upcoming events in a timely manner.

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Offshore seminars and investment conferences offer great opportunity to learn about the
 offshore planning and international business strategies, and investment tips. You will
also meet
 likeminded professionals and potential business partners on these events.


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