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Think Like a Tycoon

Think Like a Tycoon by W.G. Hill

W.G. Hill's original work, updated by Grandpa

The classic work by W.G. Hill, How to Make a Million in Three Years or Less", on buying and selling real estate properties

It might not be everybody's idea of earning a fortune, but those in the know are well aware of how fortunes can be made in real estate and property investment. Dr Hill's timeless classic will give you step by step introduction to real estate success.

Originally published in 1994 by Scope International
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Become a property tycoon

Buying and selling is one of the easiest ways to a fortune. And buying and selling property is one of the surest ways to do it. This timeless classic by Dr Hill was written in 1994, but some of the basic concepts on buying and selling properties still apply.

The potential of property as a money-making activity is unparalleled. No other business venture offers as low risk and high returns as what can be gained in property. You can start with absolutely no capital and build yourself an empire.

Now you too can learn from the infinite wisdom and knowledge of Dr Hill’s practical advice. His book Think Like a Tycoon sets out his two-year plan to financial independence. Follow his detailed guidelines and in two years you could be a millionaire, too.

How to become a property expert in 4 weeks

Hill says “Educating yourself is easy. It costs nothing but a little time. The process shouldn’t take more than four to six weeks. You simply learn and apply the Hill Hundred House Rule.”

Hill shows you how by applying the Hill Hundred House Rule you will be fully equipped to recognize a good deal instantly and be on your way to a sure fortune. You will learn:

  • Where to look for the best deals  
  • How to spot the special ads for super property deals  
  • How to deal with agents  
  • How to determine the market value of property  
  • What kind of deals and people you should avoid  
  • How to avoid the pitfalls in property 

The truth about the stock market

Hill reveal facts on the stock market. Why you should nearly always avoid it. For those who want to deal in stocks, Hill reveals the best time to buy and how best to manage your stocks.

Dr. Hill reveals his ingenious methods on how he manages to pay no income taxes whatsoever. He also reveals how you can exploit the loopholes in the international tax laws to preserve your income.

The goal of the tycoon is to obtain a large amount of property in a short amount of time. This is the essential key to getting rich quick. The no-money-down deal enables him do this.

The no-money-down deal is acquiring property without putting up significant sums of your own money. There are many ways of obtaining this type of deal:

  • Secured and unsecured notes  
  • Seller financing  
  • The arm’s length deal  
  • Second and third mortgages  
  • Investor partners 

Dr Hill is full of money-making ideas. He believes that learning how to make money is as easy as learning how to read and write. He says that if making money was a compulsory subject in school there would be a lot more millionaires around.


  • How to obtain planning permission to instantly increase the value of your site.  
  • How to develop a site to marginally increase its value.  
  • How to make money out of rent-controlled property.  
  • How to approach and get the most out of mixed-use property (i.e., part residential, part commercial).  
  • How to pick up old industrial sites for a song and turn them into highly profitable income producing property.  
  • …and much, much more. 

Here is your chance to learn from one of the fastest self-made property tycoons the last century. Although the times have changed, if you understand the fundamentals of making money from property deals, you will find that smart operators can always find a way to become a property tycoon.

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