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The Second Passport Report

How to Legally Obtain a Second Passport - by Grandpa

The Second Passport Report, by Grandpa

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2010 revised and updated
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Why entrust your life and your freedom to any one government? With two or more passports, you need not belong to any one country. A second passport could save your life, your money and your freedom.

The key to this option is your new, 2nd passport. This valuable document can open opportunities you never thought possible and provide back doors that could literally save your life.

The reason governments don’t make it easy or publicise getting dual citizenship options is because they are concerned with controlling and taxing their own citizens and could regard popularisation of second passport procural as threat to ‘national security’.

This is not to suggest that you need to breach any law to obtain your second travel document. Far from it. W.G. Hill or Grandpa would never advise anything of the kind. What they can do is tell you how to legally obtain documents in your own name.

The Passport Report

Here is a brief overview of the contents of The Second Passport Report:

  • How to determine which passport suits you best 
  • 120+ countries examined 
  • Eliminating taxes with your 2nd passport 
  • Indirect routes (back doors) to getting dual citizenship 
  • Secret banking passports 
  • Documents usable in lieu of passports 
  • Should you hire a lawyer or agency 
  • Instant passports and how to obtain them 
  • Investment opportunities with second passports 
  • Dual nationality - problems and benefits 
  • Actual case histories detailing exactly how individuals went about securing second passports - most informative! 
  • Contact names and addresses throughout, so you can act immediately.

Everything, absolutely everything, you require to legally obtain dual citizenship is now inside this comprehensive, unmatched report. So, save yourself thousands of dollars in legal fees, cut out bureaucratic bunglers and the con men which plague this business.

Learn all there is to know from this single exhaustive publication. It will open your eyes to options you’ve never thought of before. Every legal passport programme in the world is covered and dozens or reliable contacts are revealed.

How to order The Second Passport Report

The Second Passport Report is currently unavailable to purchase. This is 2010 revised and updated edition of the report, edited by Grandpa and others.

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