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The Invisible Investor

The Invisible Investor

Updated report by Grandpa and others

How to take your money out of the country, before your country takes the money out of you

The Invisible Investor is the latest revised and updated edition of Peter Trevellian's original work, in which he delivers the secrets of the international investing and offshore wealth. With the increasing capital controls, smart money goes offshore.

2011 Revised and Updated Edition

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International investing and offshore wealth

Savvy investors have long known that investing your money offshore gives you more chances of success, better diversity, more privacy and stronger asset protection. But one has to know how to go about it, to avoid costly mistakes.

To add to it, Big Brother is watching you and in these days of economic crisis, he's looking to get his grubby hands on every dollar that moves, under whatever excuse it can conjure.

As governments introduce more and more capital controls, smart money goes offshore. Being targetted by tax and justice systems, wealthy and productive individuals look for ways to preserve their earned wealth by going offshore and doing international investing.

The Invisible Investor features

The latest edition of the Invisible Investor has been revised and updated by Grandpa and others, where you will learn about:

  • Offshore finance for dummies  
  • How to choose the right bank and the right country for your offshore accounts  
  • How to ask your lawyer or consultant difficult questions  
  • Capital preservation strategies for Invisible Investor  
  • Where to conduct your visible business activities  
  • How to set up your invisible financial world  
  • The ultimate mobile money (no, it's not cash)  
  • How to create and preserve your own offshore wealth  

These are just a few important international investing and offshore wealth concepts that The Invisible Investor will help you learn. This latest edition will reveal to you much more useful and practical insights on going offshore. Broaden your horizons and arm yourself with this rarely available information, to stay one step ahead of those who would want to take your hard earned money and wealth.

How to order The Invisible Investor

This revised and updated report by Grandpa and others is available to order online as an instant download, for 99 Euros. Payment accepted by credit and debit card, and by Paypal. All reports are downloaded in EPUB format, as an e-book.

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