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Perpetual Traveler

Perpetual Traveler by W.G. Hill

Original work by W.G. Hill

This is Dr Hill's original Perpetual Traveler book about finding freedom in a Big Brother world

The PT concept was originally developed by Harry Schultz, until recently the publisher of Harry Schultz Letter. It was eventually expanded upon and further developed by Dr W.G. Hill, and now updated by Grandpa.

Published in 1996
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The PT concept

Do you want to escape the control over your life and property now held by modern Big Brother governments? The PT concept could have been called Individual Sovereignty, where individuals look after themselves.

Sovereign individuals don’t want or need authorities dominating every aspect of their existence from cradle to grave. The PT concept is one way to break free.

What is a PT?

In a nutshell, a PT merely arranges his or her paperwork in such a way that all governments consider him a tourist - a person who is just passing trough. The advantage is that by being thought of by government officials as a person who is merely Parked Temporarily, a PT is not subjected to taxes, military service, lawsuits or persecution for partaking in innocent but forbidden pursuits of pleasure.

PT stands for many things: a PT can be a Prior Taxpayer, Perpetual Tourist or Permanent Traveller if he or she wants to be. The individual who is a PT can stay in one place most of the time or all of the time.

Untaxed, unlimited wealth and the power to dispose of it as you please is one of the major benefits of becoming a PT. A PT can work and be paid in full without tax or deductions. Until you become a PT the range of opportunities denied to you is inconceivable. Anyone of substance or wealth owes it to himself to have more than one flag. Don’t trust your life and freedom to one government.

By acquiring dual citizenship, investing globally and becoming human multinationals you can remove yourself from the control and jurisdiction of any one government.

The Five Flags theory

In order to accomplish this redistribution you simply divide yourself and your assets among five different flags:

FLAG 1: Passport and Citizenship
A second passport is the single most important factor of the PT theory. Two or more passports can allow for unrestricted travel and a tax free life.

FLAG 2: Business Base
These are the places where you make your money. They must be different from where you legally reside (your personal financial domicile).

FLAG 3: Residence/Domicile
This should be a tax haven with good communications. A place where wealthy, productive people can be creative, live, relax, prosper and enjoy themselves, preferably with bank secrecy and no threat of war or revolution.

FLAG 4: Asset Management/Repository
This should be a place from which assets, securities and business affairs, can be managed anonymously by proxy.

FLAG 5: Playgrounds
These are places where you would actually physically spend your time.

PT, the book, fully explains the Five Flags theory. It is a complete guide to getting the most out of your life that this earth has to offer. PT includes a comprehensive and valuable Resources List, giving numerous names, contacts, and addresses, allowing you to immediately commence your personal Master Plan for complete financial and personal freedom. PT contains the personal biography of Dr Bill Hill. Read how this freedom loving multimillionaire has made - and keeps - his money, PT style.

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...(T)he modern world, with its rampant materialist consumerism, dogmatic atheism and self-hating education system, is perhaps manufacturing a new human psyche, one both frail and fraught and in its own perverse way, merciless.

Brett Sinclair, an author, artist and historian from Canada -