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Panama Confidential

Panama Confidential

Special report by Grandpa

Discover opportunities, residence and citizenship requirements in this central American country

This summary alone should pique your interest about living and doing business in this republic in Central America. It's a well established and recognized tax haven that has achieved its status as an investment hideaway.

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Panama's residence, citizenship and investment opportunities

While other well-known tax haven countries have been forced to water down their banking secrecy legislations, Panama still has some of the strongest laws on banking secrecy. Panama is known for its anonymous offshore trusts, corporations and offshore foundations. This offshore banking haven has rigid privacy laws and offers many advantages and incentives to foreigners who establish their offshore business structures here.

In this special Panama report you will learn:

  • Foolproof strategy for getting rich in Panama
  • What are Panama's citizenship and residence requirements
  • Why Panama is home to thousands of international business corporations
  • and much more... 

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