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How to Become an Honorary Diplomat

How to Become an Honorary Diplomat

Official report by W.G. Hill

This is collector's edition of the classic 1994 special report by W.G. Hill

When this unique manual was published in the mid-90s it was sold only in a limited number to special clientelle, costing $10k per copy. Those in the know who bought this original report were successfully appointed as honorary diplomats.

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Become an Honorary Consul General

Smaller countries usually cannot afford or do not wish to set up a consular office abroad, which can be costly. Instead, they look to appoint an honorary consul, saving them the cost of supporting consular staff and sending their own citizens abroad as full-time diplomatic representatives.

As one would expect, these lucrative positions carry certain diplomatic privileges with them and are generally quickly grabbed away by the insiders, or those who have inside information. In this classic manual Dr W.G. Hill, himself an honorary consul for a number of years, shared his insights on these rare appointments.

In amongst other things, he details:

  • What you need to know to secure your appointment
  • What are advantages and disadvantages of becoming an honorary consul
  • Learn about diplomatic immunity and diplomatic passport
  • Learn about diplomatic etiquette and protocols
  • How to choose the right country to represent
  • Sample letters, documents and forms to use when seeking an appointment
  • Addresses of countries to contact to consider your appointment
  • and much, much more...

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This collector's edition of the 1994 W.G. Hill classic is available to order online as an instant download in, for 39 Euros. Payment accepted by credit and debit card, and by Paypal. All reports are downloaded in EPUB format, as an e-book.

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