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The Invisible World

Tax, Investment and Citizenship Strategies

The Invisible World

The Invisible World
by Lance Spicer
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Offshore Investment Strategies can be employed to Minimise or Defer Taxation as well as increase your Privacy & Confidentiality.

The Invisible World is regarded by many people, including those in the offshore investment industry, as the best Offshore Investment Strategy book in the world. Acclaimed internationally, this book has sold tens of thousands of copies into nearly 100 countries. If you want to know how the rich become really rich – read this book.

The latest edition of The Invisible World includes all the changes, ramifications and solutions involving the recent changes brought about by the OECD and the FATF. What is still legally possible and what is not. You’ll be surprised.... it’s not all bad news!

The Invisible World takes a sometimes very complicated area, and makes sense of it and shows you how the "average" investor can take advantage of what the world has to offer.

With nearly 300 pages or good practical information written in an entertaining style, The Invisible World will show you how you can establish offshore companies and trusts to minimise tax and increase privacy as well as take advantage of amazing investment opportunities.

The Invisible World book features:

  • Over 40 Tax Havens are analysed  
  • The Invisible World book gives you full details of Banks and Incorporation Agents, Secrecy Laws, costs, advantages and disadvantages  
  • Tax and Investment Strategies fully explained in an interesting and easy to read way  
  • How to establish your own offshore company or trust privately and inexpensively  
  • How to set up secret offshore bank accounts  
  • Second Passports  
  • How Australian Christopher Skase beat the system  
  • Includes new havens and contacts  
  • Plus much more...  

Purhase The Invisible World book online here.

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