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Guest Authors

There is a variety of posts and articles published on this site on many different subjects. Much of that has been written by our in-house writers, but a great deal has been contributed by outside authors.

While most of guest authors like to remain unknown, some authors have included their author bio, to introduce themselves. On this page you will find the list of our contributing content writers, linking to their individual author bio page and their published posts.

   Guest Authors and Their Brief Bios and Posts
Diana Smith

Emma Smith

As an experienced and professional blogger, Emma likes writing on many different topics, as her passion and a hobby. Her favourite topics include health, business and lifestyle.

Guest author Kal Kennard

Kal Kennard

The co-founder of Citizenship International, the white-glove specialist firm offering citizenship investment services for the Caribbean. Kal has published one post on this site.

Guest author Jennifer Ranking

Jennifer Ranking

An experienced writer from the UK, Jennifer likes to write on a variety of topics, having worked as a freelancer for different businesses. She has published four articles.

Tony Solomon

Tony Solomon

One of the senior editors at MediaGurus, Tony is a former translator turned writer, who is well-versed in doing heavy research for quality articles. He has published one article here.

If you would like to contribute an article or a post of your own, send us your topic ideas or just send the post. We will respond and publish the posts we find suitable for this site's overall theme. For more details, see our Guest Posts page.


...(T)he modern world, with its rampant materialist consumerism, dogmatic atheism and self-hating education system, is perhaps manufacturing a new human psyche, one both frail and fraught and in its own perverse way, merciless.

Brett Sinclair, an author, artist and historian from Canada -