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Become More Efficient
With Business Cloud Software Programs

How to handle your own business accounting using business cloud services

With smartphones and computers becoming an even bigger part of the lives of most people, it's important to have an eye on tech and how business can be made easier through the use of it. Thanks to the invention of cloud networking, it's now possible for individuals to start small businesses right from the comfort of their own homes.

There's little need to hire an advisor or accountant today; new, easy to use programs can have you handling your own small business accounting quickly and easily. Whether you need a simple accounting program, or a program that comes complete with tax and payroll tools, this list will help to get you started.

Businessman working on a laptop, while holding a mobile phone in his left hand
It's a common practice now to enhance your business efficiency
by utilizing your smart phones and computers to use online services.

Backed by US leaders in the finance industry, Financial Force has remained at the forefront of cloud finance software for small businesses since its inception. The website offers premium access to a variety of tools that are designed to offer:

  • Reporting
  • Financial analysis
  • Access to Financial Force's APIs
  • Proprietary options like FinancialForce ClickLink and FinancialForce XL
  • Banking integration to allow for smoother tracking
  • A fully stocked AppExchange
  • Document management
  • Access to social communities

In this way, FinancialForce is an excellent choice for people who have at least basic experience with handling their own finances. It's a well-rounded website with a decently hefty resource section, too.

Intuit Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks web site snapshot

Intuit's Quickbooks software remains one of the most popular financial management software programs available. Unfortunately, its regular version must be installed and licensed for each computer, and this simply isn't possible for many individuals.

That's where Quickbooks Online comes in. It provides full cloud access to all of Quickbooks' regular options without the need for any computer installations.

Peachtree's Sage Accounting Software

The name Sage is equivalent with flexibility in the accounting software world. Various versions of Sage can be installed on a PC, but the software can also be installed to the cloud, too. Sage comes with payroll handling, bank integration, and it also has customer relationship management software and other helpful tools to help you keep track of things.

Its quick and easy to print off reports and get analytics data when you need to make a decision, making it great for busy people. Even better, Sage's cloud-based version can be paid for upfront, or monthly, making it flexible enough to fit into most budgets.


FreshBooks web site home page

FreshBooks is like the slightly quieter little sister of Quickbooks. It's almost as robust and efficient for most small businesses, and it's more affordable, too. FreshBooks installs right into Chrome Browser from the Google Apps store, but it also has iPhone, iPad, and Android integration available.

You can even get one-on-one support from a specialist during the daytimes, although this is from 9 AM to 5 PM EST. It has invoicing capabilities, and can track and manage billing for multiple projects at the same time.


Wave's attraction, for most business owners, starts with the fact that its most basic version is totally free. Even though they provide a base free product, over half a million members from all over the world point to how successful this software is. This is invoicing, accounting, and payroll software all rolled up into a neat little free package.

The only time anything costs money is when employees are payrolled; you'll pay $5 USD for each employee, but this is far less than many other platforms charge. Payment gateways are also offered through Wave, allowing you to process credit card payments right through the software.

More Advanced Software

Even though each of these programs offers a long list of basic accounting and payroll functions, small business owners can sometimes benefit from other types of software, too. From investing platforms to help you diversify your platform, through financial marketing software to help you create great marketing plans, these software programs can help you to succeed in the business world.


Nutmeg provides an easy way to set up an investment portfolio in under 10 minutes. When you sign up for their service, Nutmeg can help by monitoring your business or individual investing plan, leaving you to take care of more important tasks. This takes the stress out of balancing a portfolio. Users can also access Nutmeg's blog to help them better understand finance and what's new in the industry. Frankly, the blog itself and the wealth of information it holds is beneficial for businesses.

SalesForce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud

Created with the goal of allowing individual business people to manage their own digital marketing plan, SalesForce's ExactTarget Marketing Cloud software comes equipped with the ability to manage email campaigns, track social marketing, plenty of integrated APIs, marketing automation, data and tracking, and much more. Some of the world's most well-known businesses use this software, but it can be customised for businesses of just about any size. Because the name SalesForce is synonymous with well-built, robust business software, you can be sure that you're getting the best of the best.

A man working with a calculator and cash book
You can reduce your need for offline accounting and advisory services
with easy-to-use online business accounting services.

NetSuite OneWorld

This software is designed to allow small businesses to function on a global scale. If you need an easy to use quote program or something that can handle sales from anywhere, this should be one of your first reviews. With ERP, CRM, and eCommerce software provided, NetSuite is truly the small business owner's best suite of programs. It has flexible options for tax management, and can easily handle cost conversions and other global finance issues.

NetSuite OneWorld is incredibly robust, and shouldn't be overlooked for those who wish to expand. It can track results through the information that comes through it when sales are made, and has the ability to display easy-to-see reports that can help you make the best decisions for your business.

Each of these programs has something special to help small to medium businesses get off the ground, all the way from startup to eventual corporate expansion. Handling finances in the first year is one of the most crucial points for a startup, so you should be mindful that there is plenty of software to help. Combine them with business startup tips, and plenty of hard work, and you'll increase your chances of success greatly.

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