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VIP Divorce Kit

The International Express Divorce Kit

VIP Divorce Kit

Express Divorce Offshore Kit
by Peter Macfarlane
No longer available

A long and successful marriage is meant to bring us a life of fulfilment and happines that can be experienced only with that someone special. But the wonderful dreams of life-long happines and togetherness sometime turn to sorrow, regrets and ultimately unhappiness.

There's nothing wrong with parting ways when two people grow apart. Unfortunately, if you happen to be the more successful of the spouses, that can soon cause problems that turn into bitter divorce battles.

The International Express Divorce Kit will help you legally divorce offshore in as little as 24 hours! This can be done with or without consent of your spouse.

The Express Divorce Kit features

This express divorce kit will show you:

  • How to get a quick legally-valid divorce in as little as 24 hours, with your spouse consent  
  • How to get legally valid divorce in as little as 21 days, if your spouse doesn't cooperate  
  • How to make sure that your offshore divorce decree is valid in your home country  
  • Four different ways to end your marriage fast and legally  
  • How to use legal annulment as an alternative to divorce  

Let's face it - we all want to have a long and happy marriage and should put great effort in preserving a good marriage union. But things do happen and if you should find yourself in a diffcult situation, then The International Express Divorce Kit will help you reduce the traumatic experience and get your life more quickly back on the right track. Not to mention save you both thousands of dollars in legal fees and endless court hours.


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