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PT2: The Practice

The Ultimate Guide to Privacy Tactics - by W.G. Hill

PT2: The Practice, by W.G. Hill

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“NOW is the time to take proper precautions”, says W.G. Hill, father of PT and the world’s leading expert on personal tax havens.

Contrary to the popular image projected by mainstream media and most governments, your taxes are shooting up. Personal freedom is being eroded bit by bit. The most dangerous place on earth is wherever you are. But in this hands-on guide to low profile and privacy, PT-style, W.G. Hill shows you how to regain your lost freedom.

In more than 200 fact-filled pages, Hill teaches you the little known tactics and techniques of living tax free. For the first time in print he gives away all of his privacy secrets and shares with you unique insights on how to escape what he terms “the scam called government”. You will learn all the world’s unknown ins and outs of getting and keeping, a life free of problems, frustrations, harassment, extortion, lawsuits and the implications and ramifications of all of these.

Do you have the essential knowledge for a free life?

Answer these simple questions to determine if you have the information and tools necessary for a rich life in complete freedom:

  • Do you know the world’s six best ways to transfer cash across borders?  
  • Do you know how to triple your interest earnings and gain when currencies are revalued?  
  • Do you have a collection of untraceable credit cards?  
  • Do you know how-to of no-name bank accounts, where ID is not needed to open or use them?  
  • Can you name the ten best low profile mail tips? 

If you answered ‘no’ to one or more of these questions, please do not waste any time in getting the PT2, the vital handbook for tax exiles and Perpetual Travelers.

Do you believe that an ounce of preparation is worth a tone of cure? If so, PT2 - the Practice is for you. If you are not content just letting things happen then it makes perfect sense to manage your own destiny, PT style.

Put this information to practical use at once. You will find that you can keep your money, preserve your freedom and possibly save your life.

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...Each nation state needs to rethink and recategorize its priorities...

The health, safety and prosperity of the citizenry should be placed above identity politics, the toxicity of an entitled cancel culture and mob rule by social media.

...Covid-19 has illustrated how (global) interdependence can cost lives...

---Michael Feierstein
Investor, banker, and author of "Planet Ponzi")