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Bye Bye Big Brother CD-ROM

Bye Bye Big Brother CD ROM

 You will receive:

 - BBBB on CD-Rom
 - download as e-book
 - 4 free updates

The original books by Grandpa on computer disk

Get the BBBB books on a handy CD-ROM and download it online in e-book format

Instead of ordering limited edition of the 3 printed black books, you can now get the same materials sent to you on a computer disk, as CD-ROM. Plus, you also download it instantly online in e-book format, all for the same price.

BBBB books on computer disk and e-book format

€300 EUR - includes shipping
$330 USD approximately (at the current exchange rate)

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The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

For five years, a highly unusual and clandestine group of some of the world's finest financial and legal brains had collaborated on a major new project. This project was going to make them, together with a small, select group of like-minded individuals who understand their vision, a great deal wealthier.

The team included elite lawyers and chartered accountants, taxation and asset protection experts, top financial gurus, civil rights activists, and several self-made multi-millionaires.

The motto they chose to work under? Bye Bye Big Brother.

The goal? To help like-minded business and professional people find a new, unorthodox path away from socialistic, suffocating Big Brother controls to a richer, more fulfilling life as part of the international jetset.


How to order Bye Bye Big Brother CD-ROM

This BBBB package by Grandpa includes CD-ROM, sent to you via postal mail, and instantly downloadable BBBB e-book. You also receive 4 FREE updates, downloaded online, all for 300 Euros. Payment accepted by credit and debit card, and by Paypal. Also available to download in EPUB format.

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Posing the only real threat to (today's) happy scene are the politicians. In their grim global rebellion against the truth of time. They don scarecrow costumes of false disasters such as climate change, trade gap trumpery, debt doom or middle-class woe.

They scowl and leer and demand more power. They rant and vamp like vandalistic clowns of an apocalypse that will never come unless they summon it with their own lunatic fits and furies.

---Gilder's Daily Prophecy