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Business and success are interrelated - one can't happen without the other. But when you add offshore to this combination, it becomes a truly winning formula for business success. We hope that the following articles will help you "inch" closer to your desired success.

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Online Transactions Survey Findings

Online Transactions Survey Findings

Security and privacy of online transactions are more important to consumers than loyalty programmes, according to recent survey of British consumers. One of the key findings of this survey is that the majority of customers have at one time or another experienced problems with their online transactions. Find out the other key findings in this survey.

Millionaire Mindset Charateristics

Millionaire Mindset Charateristics

Millionaire business people exhibit certain charateristics that are not much different from not-so successful people. So, what are they? Learn the nine charateristics that business people have in common that create millionaire mindset. If you keep these principles in your mind, you will increase your chance of reaching the wealthy status.

Real Estate Investing in Panama

Real Estate Investing in Panama

Panama is not a tailored offshore haven, but it's full of intrigue and mystery. It’s a country which was founded and reached the point where it is now, all for business reasons (international trade – the canal) and for its friendly treatment of foreign capital and income. Well known author on the subject, Mr Peter Macfarlane gives the details.

Strategies for Achieving Success

Strategies for Achieving Success

So, what makes millionaires different from everyone else? Author Colleen Kettenhofen lists seven important strategies learned from self-made millionaires about achieving personal and professional success in life that anyone can use. These are especially important for sales people, managers, business owners and other professionals.

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If you are doing business internationally, knowing how to build wealth, protect your assets and personaly privacy are some of the most fundamental concepts essential for anyone's success.


...(T)he modern world, with its rampant materialist consumerism, dogmatic atheism and self-hating education system, is perhaps manufacturing a new human psyche, one both frail and fraught and in its own perverse way, merciless.

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